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5 Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes

Working long hours staring at the computer or the television can put a huge strain on the eyes. Over time, you may develop tired eyes that make you look older than your actual age. Your eyes may become puffy and you may develop grey circles and under-eye bags. Thankfully, you do not need expensive cosmetics treatments or multivitamins to get younger-looking eyes. A few simple tips using things from your kitchen can help you get relief from tired and saggy eyes. Here are some simple homemade remedies to cure tired eyes.

The oldest homemade tip to get younger-looking eyes has been the cucumber. To get instant relief from itching and watery eyes, all you need to do is get some slices of cucumber on those eyes. Place a whole cucumber in the freezer until it gets quite cool. Next, cut some slices of the cucumber and place them in a bowl of ice cubes. Lie in a comfortable spot and place the two slices on your eyelids. Replace those with the slices from the bowl as they become warm. Doing this tip for ten minutes will help you get refreshed and younger-looking eyes.

Used tea bags can do wonders for tired eyes and can even help get rid of dark circles for younger-looking eyes. All types of teabags work fine for this tip but green tea gives the best results. Simply wet the teabags and place them in the freezer to cool. Apply some olive oil around your eyes and on the eyelids. Next, place the tea bags over your eyelids for 10-15 minutes. The bioflavonoids in the tea leaves will soothe the skin around your eyes, get rid of the puffiness, and help you get younger-looking eyes.

Cold, raw milk is an excellent tip to soothe strained eyes and to lighten the skin around them for younger-looking eyes. Simply take a glass of cold milk and some cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls into the milk and rest them over your eyelids. The milk from the cotton balls will likely run down your face, so it would be a great idea to place a towel under your head to avoid stains on your sheet.

Keeping your eyes hydrated is the best tip to maintain younger-looking eyes. Not only should you be drinking a good amount of water; you must also blink more often so that your eyelids may lubricate your eyes. Each time you blink, your tear ducts release a fluid that hydrates your eyes completely. Not blinking very often tends to dry out your younger-looking eyes which makes them look older and more tired. Also, getting a good amount of sleep each night helps to hydrate and rest your eyes.

Rosewater is an excellent remedy for getting younger-looking eyes. You can extract fresh rosewater from rose petals at home or buy rosewater sprays from the store. Dip a pair of cotton pads in the rose water and place them on the eyes for 10 minutes a day. Your eyes will feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. By clicking here you can read about A mini-guide on laser eye surgery.